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Versatile Bloggers

I decided to make this a page. That way it’s up there for all to see, and I can add to it whenever I find somebody interesting.

You’re supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers when you get nominated. I don’t know that many yet, and I want to avoid being spammy. Therefore, I’ll just update this page as I find people and just take my time at it.

I now present my choices for the Versatile Blogger Award.


EdwardHotspur– Words cannot do justice to the sheer genius that is EdwardHotspur.  Your puny mind probably won’t be able to comprehend the things taking place in this blog. I know mine doesn’t half the time. But what I do understand is always as profound as it is entertaining. Read the comment section too. Serious witty banter going on there.

Mooselicker– deserves an award just for that name. If you like snark, and weird tales of everyday life gone mad, visit this blog.



Comments on: "Versatile Bloggers" (1)

  1. Wooo I am honored.

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