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And Laziness Ensues

Ok. First off, I hate my android keyboard. The one on my phone made so much more sense. Anyway please forgive the typos.

THREE DAY WEEKEND GET! What ever shall I do with all this time? The possibilities are endless. I could learn a new skill. Like whittling. I hear it’s popular in the Appalations. Speaking of which, I could learn to make moonshine! Yes. Moonshine. Happiness and blindness for all!
No. That wown’t work. I live in a crowded, albeit quiet neighborhood with my landlord right next door. And my car isn’t fast enough. I’m lucky to get her to highway speed most days. And she leaks just about every fluid there is. Even ketchup. Dont ask. I made it up.
Hey. Making things up. I could start on my novel for the four hundredth time. Isnt that what they say? 401st tiwmes the charm? Its an awesome tale. The characters do stuff. And things. No?
Let me think. I could do gardening. Or housework. Eh. Too muchd like work.
Go for a walk? Cold outside. Fishing? Yes.
I could take this time to go on an epic fishing advzenture. Ill get a,boat and head out to twhe ocean with a legless man and a hat full of hopes and dreams. Through the power of positive thinking, and my unwavering faith in god, and simple righteous determination, i will become the most prolificshrimp fisherman that ever lived. A restaurant will be named after me and I will become rich beyond my wildest dreams. My crippled friend will getw NASA legs and I will spend my afternoons sitting at the bus stop offering people chocolate covered wisdom.
Wait. Somebody did that already didnt they. Dammit. All the good seats are taken.

I give up. It is just too hard to come up with something to do for three days. I’m just going to spend my days off sleeping. Speaking of which. Back to my nap.

COMING SOON: Whdy I hate my android keyboard.