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I Put the ‘TIT’ in Constitution

You might be wondering what on earth this title is about. All in good time. There’s a little bit of backstory first. This will be an insight into the inner workings of my mind. It will be awesome. Trust me.

So I’ve got one of those rubber wristband things. A couple actually.  “I <3 Ron Paul Champion of the Constitution” is one. I like the guy. I think he’s awesome. So sue me. The other is  “I <3 Boobies.” which everyone seems to have. I wonder why?  I’d like to make my own band thingies someday. With logos and sayings of my choosing. There’s a website that does that, but I think it deals in bulk. I only want one. Is that such a bad thing?


I was smushing the wristbands up and down, because that’s what I do when I’m bored. I fidget with things. Sometimes I chew on them (pen lids OM NOM NOM) if they’re chewy. I try not to chew on my wristbands though, (although they are perfectly chewy!) it tends to make them rip in half.

Er. I got lost again, so sorry.

While I was smushing them, I was amused by how the letters get fatter from stretching the rubber. I smushed along the word “Constitution” on my RP band, and had to chuckle, because I just now noticed that TIT is right in the middle of the word. Then I laughed some more, because right across from “TIT” on my right hand is “BOOBIES” on my left hand! How wonderful! I can put the two together!

It’s a perfect slogan. “I put the TIT in Constitution.”

But what does that even mean?

How do I implement it?

Then I thought about it for awhile. And I came up with a brilliant solution.

First off nobody wants to read The Constitution. It’s a dusty old document written by a bunch of stuffy old men who speak illegible old timey English. It’s boring. Too difficult to read.YAWN. Prawnserf.

Americans would rather looks at BEWBS than educate themselves ….


Wait a minute!!




Pictured: NOT my boobs. Close, but not them.

TA-DAH! Or should I say TA-TA! Now even politicians will read The Constitution. :D

I’m a genius. Have a great day.