Directionless Ramblings by No One of Consequence

What is this?

You know, I’m not entirely sure what this is. Just the random thoughts of a small-town Nebraska girl. No real theme here, just my day to day thoughts and adventures. I may start on one topic and get ADD and bounce off to another. Hence the title. It may not be exciting, but I’ll sure try to make it entertaining.




Comments on: "What is this?" (6)

  1. Welcome to WordPress!
    The possibilities are endless, so make the most of your time here.. when you can, of course!

  2. You’re just a small town girl living in a lonely world. Something you should continue doing is believing.

  3. Hey guess what? I’ve decided to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award! I think you’ve really got the knack for this and your posts are always very amusing :)
    I’ve written about the award on my blog, so feel free to come take a look when you get the chance!

    • Wow, thank you! Now I’ve got to live up to the hype! ;)
      As soon as i get back to my proper keyboard I shall take care of this. All the copy-pasting I’ll need to do is too much for android keyboard lol.

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