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Not Abandoned

Hello, dear followers. If any of you are left. I have not abandoned this blog to the dusty corners of the net.

I’ve been going through a very stressful time with my family.  My blog is still fairly new, and I haven’t gotten very personal on it yet, so I’m not too comfortable getting into the details. I had to go way out of town last week for emergency hospital-y type things. Things are not completely better yet, and may not be for awhile. But I am home, and things are back to normal for me at least.


I would like to tell you all one bit of advice. No matter your age or level of health, if you are an adult living on your own, make yourself a living will and even a regular will. You never know what could happen, and people need to be aware of your wishes. This is the second time I’ve been in a situation like this. It is very very stressful on the families not to know these things.

Please forgive the vagueness, I’m just not comfortable having the details out on such a new blog in which people don’t know me well yet. Just felt like I should post something to keep it going.








Comments on: "Not Abandoned" (4)

  1. No need to apologize. Take all the time you need and we’ll be here waiting :)
    It sounds like a bad situation; I hope everything turns out okay.

  2. Thoughts are with you, my online friend.
    Life comes first!
    Peace be with you and yours.

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