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When I was a young child and my mom would decide to tear up the house and rearrange things to get rid of all the clutter and dust bunnies, she’d always put on mixed tapes of her most favoritest songs. She was a child of the 80s so you can imagine …

If you can’t, here are some examples:











I will admit to liking a few of these song.  XD Some of the sappier ones, not so much. I like to rock. Thankyouverymuch. Like A Hurricane! *air guitar solo* Ahem. On a sidenote, the Seether remake of Careless Whisper is pretty badass.

Back on subject.

I’d always know my mom was about to do some serious cleaning when she’d put on the mixed tape and haul out the vacuum. This music was for hardcore cleaning only. No dusting the knicknacks and sweeping the dirt under the rug sort of stuff. No. This was for pulling out the couch, scrubbing the kitchen floor, and rearranging all the books and movie tapes music. This was for when Dad comes home he’ll think he’s at the wrong house, better leave the lights on at night because the muscle memory diagram you have of the furniture is now obsolete, housecleaning. That takes determination, that takes the whole afternoon. That takes help from your kids.

My brother and I both would be bombarded for hours with this music whilst helping our mom. (there was no choice because the house becomes a war zone when my mom cleans) Eventually we’d get sick of it (cleaning, the music, and her singing along with the music whilst cleaning) and go outside.

But that stuff sticks to you. It’s like Pavlov’s dog. The dog hears the bell and drools. I hear some epic 80s music, and I want to go tear up my house.

In fact, my house could use some 80s music right about now….


Comments on: "I Have Been Brain Conditioned by 80s music" (2)

  1. Damn you! You got me going on youtube now looking up the stuff I grew up on! ;)

  2. As a child of the 80s, this brings back a lot of memories.

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