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My Plan to Beat the Heat

So here in Nebraska, we don’t have those things you normal people call “seasons”. We’ve got a period of snow and yuk, followed by slightly nice weather, immediately followed by what seems like August. Then it cools off, then it snows. Maybe some rain here and there. Weird things like 70 in January, snow in July. You just never know here.

This year is shaping up to be a HOT HOT summer. We had the mildest winter I’ve ever seen, and now we’re getting temperatures in the 80s before there’s even leaves on the trees. This is not normal. Usually it’s snowy blizzard and rain time right about now. And before it warmed up, we were having highs in the 40s and still freezing at night. Now it’s not even getting below 60 until 9pm or so.

This is not good news for me.

I’m one of those people with absolutely no heat tolerance. My ideal temperature is around 68 and I start wearing shorts and itty bitty tank tops as soon as it gets over 70. I start getting cranky around 75, and my brain function and motivation to do anything other that lay on the couch with ice on my face disappears at about 80. If I can’t keep my house cooler than 72,(I’ve just got a crummy window A/C, which admittedly is better than nothing) I have a breakdown. And if it stays warm at night, I’ll spend it all  tossing, turning, throwing the covers, and just generally not sleeping. Crankiness and brain-foggery ensues.

Nothing helps, I just don’t get along with warmer temperatures. So I decided HEY!  Why not recondition myself to enjoy the heat? I’m going to try to transform myself into one of those people who is always cold. You know the wimpy ones, who have to wear a coat indoors because 70 is cold. They go out in full winter gear when it’s 40 outside. And  when it’s 80+ outside, they’re always commenting on how wonderful the weather is and, how it’s just so warm and YAY IT’S GREAT! I just glare, and frown, and grumble to myself how it’s so fricking hot. Crazy people, why aren’t you sweaty and miserable? I HATE being sweaty and miserable. I’m going to join your wimpyness … wimpiness? Wimpy-ness? AGH! The red wiggly lines don’t like any of those options. Anyway…

My plan is this:

  • No matter how warm it gets this spring, I’m not wearing shorts and I’m leaving my hoodie on
  • Drink room temperature water
  • Don’t take my coat off to cool down, instead relax and sip water so my body learns to cool itself off
  • Always wear socks (most of my heat intolerance is in my feet and going bare is my old method of cooling down)
  • Cover up in a blanket indoors whether or not I feel chilly
  • Wear warm PJ’s

So far all of these efforts are working! Normally, I’m comfortable in a T-shirt outside at 65, now I feel really chilly. I usually overheat easily if it’s much warmer than 68 inside, now I need a blanket or hoodie until it’s at least 73. I wore my hoodie, jeans, and 2 t-shirts all day outside on a day of 80 degrees, and it hardly bothered me. If I’d tried that before, I’d have been a steaming, sweaty, puddle of immobile goo.

Hopefully by the time it starts hitting the 90s I’ll be OK and not die like I usually do! :D

One small bit of irony though. You’d think since I’m being all covered up, that’s great sun protection. Who needs sunscreen? Apparently, I do.  I’ve got the worst sunburn on my neck and chest in a perfect outline of my v-neck T.


Comments on: "My Plan to Beat the Heat" (2)

  1. Mother Nature is mentally unbalanced these days, isn’t she?
    I think she needs some lovin’….

  2. I feel you on the 60 degree weather. That is where I am at too. Really anywhere between 59-72 degrees. I like the option of being able to wear a jacket or just a t-shirt and not hating myself for choosing one or the other. I attribute this to where I grew up. Summers were 60-75 degrees consistently (80+ degree weather was only a thirty minute drive away). Winters were 48-60 degrees (cold nights, but I like it that way.) Fall and Spring roughly around 60 degrees. Salinas, California has its issues, but weather is not one of them.

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